The Best Selection for Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

Are field fabricated or factory-built commercial kitchen exhaust systems a better choice?  Although many existing systems are field fabricated, most engineers, contractors and building owners opt for factory-built commercial kitchen exhaust systems when replacing existing or installing new systems.  Why are factory-built systems preferred?  The primary reason is safety, but factory-built commercial kitchen exhaust ducts […]

UL 103 Listed Factory Fabricated Products Ideal for Generator Exhausts

UL 103 Listed Factory Fabricated Venting Products

The use of generators for power backup or co-generation is continuing to increase. When these engines are located inside a facility the exhaust systems can become costly and extremely difficult. A pre-engineered UL 103 listed system from Lone Star Venting Solutions provides an engineered solution that reduces and controls initial costs. A UL-listed system includes […]

Factory Engineered Stacks Save Time and Money

Factory Engineered Stacks

Instead of being field-fabricated, Schebler’s “engineered stacks” are prefabricated at their production facility and shipped to your project sites in the most complete sections possible. This means minimal field welding, saving time and ultimately money on your project. Together with Schebler Chimney Systems, Lone Star Venting Solutions offers engineering support throughout the entirety of a […]