Venting Challenges? Bring it on!

Demanding projects require creative solutions. At LSVS, we realize our greatest strength is the combination of superior products we offer and the experience we bring to each project. Each manufacturer offers key product lines and unique solutions. And over the years, our team has seen it all. Our experts know each line of equipment very […]

Grease Duct Systems – Important Questions on Fire Safety

The case for safer, more cost-effective pre-fabricated, grease duct systems. Field-fabricated duct systems are accepted by code but are not UL listed. While insulation has been tested and listed with some construction criteria per ASTME standards, what is actually installed is not listed. There is no way to ensure a field-fabricated duct system will be […]

Factory Engineered Stacks Save Time and Money

Instead of being field-fabricated, Schebler’s “engineered stacks” are prefabricated at their production facility and shipped to your project sites in the most complete sections possible. This means minimal field welding, saving time and ultimately money on your project. Together with Schebler Chimney Systems, LSVS offers engineering support throughout the entirety of a project, to ensure a […]

Polypropylene: The Future of Plastic Venting

Since the introduction of high-efficiency appliances to the HVAC industry, there has been a long-standing debate whether it is safe to use PVC and CPVC for flue gas conveyance. With the advent of polypropylene to the market the debate has only increased. Below are some of the advantages of this newer polypropylene piping over its […]

Corrosion on Stainless Flues? Here’s the Likely Culprit!

Are you starting to notice corrosion on stainless flues? Do you have a UL1738 Metal Flue with an inner liner that is deteriorating? Or perhaps some sealant or gaskets that keep turning into a white powder? This may not be a flue manufacturer issue, in fact, more and more we are seeing combustion air contamination […]


Data center generator exhaust system

Lone Star Venting Solutions is proud to be Schebler Chimney Systems exclusive distributor for mission-critical data center generator exhaust systems in the states where LSVS and our sister companies operate: MD, DC, VA, FL, TX, AZ and CA.  Over the last 20 years, our sister companies have partnered with contractors and end users across northern Virginia, as data centers […]

Introducing Rick Collum, LSV Sales Engineer

Rick leads the sales effort here at Lone Star Venting. Rick is the consummate sales professional – he’s been managing high level executive sales for 42 years, mostly in highly technical areas, including HVAC. Over the years, Rick has led sales teams and grown whole divisions for Fortune 500 companies as well as launched his […]

Mike Mommsen to Lead US Venting Solutions

Mike Mommsen

Industry veteran, Mike Mommsen joined US Venting Solutions early in 2022 as president. Mike brings 14 years of experience working with mechanical engineers, appliance manufactures, and contractors. As Vice President of Schebler Chimney Systems, and National Sales Manager, Mike was responsible for working with mechanical engineers on system design along with supporting, developing, and growing […]