UL 103 Listed Factory Fabricated Products Ideal for Generator Exhausts

UL 103 Listed Factory Fabricated Venting Products

The use of generators for power backup or co-generation is continuing to increase. When these engines are located inside a facility the exhaust systems can become costly and extremely difficult. A pre-engineered UL 103 listed system from Lone Star Venting Solutions provides an engineered solution that reduces and controls initial costs.

A UL-listed system includes supports, accommodation for thermal expansion, and pressure relief to protect the system. Schebler’s factory-fabricated generator exhaust systems are cost-effective and safe. With two to four inches of insulation, they not only reduce building cooling loads and mechanical room temperatures but reduce the potential for injury as well. Schebler’s exhaust systems are listed for 1400° continuous operation and positive pressure rated for 60” w.c.

Visit Schebler Chimney Systems website for their Venting Solutions Brochure and a Generator Exhaust video. Atlantic Venting Solution’s team is an expert at field measuring and designing exhaust solutions that are safe and reliable. Contact Lone Star Venting Solutions to discuss your next project.

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